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Smoochy’s versatile optional Hands Free Leash is great for just about anything! The brass grommet system on the leash allows the leash to easily clip around your waist or cross body offering a ‘hands free’ option. Alternatively it can simply be used as a conventional or a double ended leash, while still enjoying the many features such as: the mesh pouch with drawstring closure, adjustable length adjustment and traffic handle. Smoochy Poochy’s multifunctional leash can fit into most daily activities: training, leisurely strolls, active walking, jogging, running, texting, shopping, boating, camping, patio dining, enjoying a coffee, carrying parcels, pushing a baby carriage and more. Smoochy Poochy's 2tone leash offers a double webbing layer with a touch of flair.

2tone Hands Free Leash 1" Wide

  • Product info

    • 2TONE: The first colour listed is the colour of the leash, the second colour listed is the accent colour. Black/turquoise (for example) is a black leash with turquoise running down the middle of the leash.
    • 1” x 6ft LEAD: When the lead is worn around the waist, the 3 brass grommets below the mesh pouch are positioned to fit an average size pet parent.
    • LEASH MATERIEL: Durable nylon webbing.
    • TRAFFIC HANDLE: Standard feature on 1" wide nylon leads, the traffic handle helps to maintain control when needed.
    • MESH POUCH: Designed for unused poop bags only.
    • SIZING: Mid-to large dogs enjoy a 1” wide leash.
    • CLEANING: Hand wash or spot clean nylon leads with a mild dish soap.
    • CHEWING: Nylon webbing is not chew proof.
    • COLOUR: Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
    • DIMENSIONS: Product dimensions may vary slightly.
    • PETITE AND 8FT LEADS:  Refer to nylon solid colour Hands Free Leads.
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