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Smoochy Poochy’s versatile extension lead features two materials; nylon webbing and shiny Biothane.

The extension easily attaches to Smoochy’s adjustable belt or Biothane double swivel handle.  The extension effortlessly transforms into a convenient short lead by clipping one end into the ‘D’ ring. 


Extension with 'D' ring

PriceFrom C$13.50
  • Product info

    • MATERIAL:  Durable nylon webbing and shiny Biothane (also referred to as polyvinyl).
    • CLEANING:  Hand wash or spot clean with mild dish soap. Pat dry
    • CHEWING:  Both nylon webbing and Biothane are not chew proof.
    • COLOUR:  Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
    • DIMENSIONS:  Product dimensions may vary slightly.
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