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Smoochy Poochy’s 5 position adjustable collar is great for dogs of all seasons. The Biothane material will not stretch, absorb water or odour, it is vegan friendly and a wonderful ‘leather alternative’ material.  Available in an array of colours to match your dogs personality, this 1.5”wide collar is offered in four sizes. The five position polyvinyl collar is stitched and riveted for extra strength and durability.  Dogs love wearing this collar while swimming, strolling, walking in the rain, playing in the mud, visiting friends, and a whole lot of other activities. Collars that stink good when wet!

Polyvinyl/BioThane Buckle Style Collar 1.5" Wide

  • Product info

    • COLLAR MATERIAL: Biothane (also referred to as polyvinyl)
    • COLLAR SIZE:  Including the buckle measure to the middle hole, the middle hole measurement determines the collar size.  For example if the measurement to the middle hole is 18" then the collar is a size 18. 

      See illustrated picture before placing an order.

    • TWO FINGERS: It is suggested that two fingers can fit between the collar and your dog’s neck to ensure the collar is not too loose or too tight.
    • CLEANING: wipe polyvinyl collar with a damp cloth, or rinse collar using warm water and a gentle cleaning product such as Palmolive dish soap. Pat dry.
    • CHEWING: Biothane is not chew proof.
    • COLOUR: Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
    • DIMENSIONS: Product dimensions may vary slightly.
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