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Smoochy Poochy’s solid colour nylon RSL (regular style leash),

features an array of wonderful colours to choose from.  

The 3/8” width is a great starter leash for young puppies and kittens.

Dogs up to approximately 22lbs enjoy a 5/8” wide leash.


Regular Style Leash 3/8" & 5/8" Wide

PriceFrom C$8.00
  • Product info

    • LEASH MATERIAL:  Durable nylon webbing.
    • CLEANING:  Hand wash or spot clean nylon leads with a gentle cleaning product. 
    • CHEWING:  Nylon webbing is not chew proof.
    • COLOUR:  Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
    • DIMENSIONS:  Product dimensions may vary slightly.
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