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While your dog is on leash, Smoochy Poochy’s safety tab provides a reliable solution for doubling up on securing.

Featuring a clip on each end of the nylon webbing, the safety tab can easily attach from a leash to a collar or a leash to a harness. Loved by dog walkers, gives reassurance to pet parents and a great back up for those sneaky escape artists!

NOTE: The leads, harnesses and collars shown in the picture are sold separately.


Safety Tab

  • Product info

    • SAFETY TAB MATERIAL:  Durable nylon webbing.
    • CLEANING:  Hand wash or spot clean nylon with a mild dish soap.
    • CHEWING:  Nylon webbing is not chew proof.
    • COLOUR:  Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
    • DIMENSIONS:  Product dimensions may vary slightly.
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